De Stress and Reset – Online discounted sessions
Online DeStress & Reset

Hey how are you dealing with life at the moment? Stress is a concern for most people at this time and when it is not dealt with in the correct way it will cause you to become unwell physically and or mentally. Stress weakens our immune system meaning that we are more susceptible to viruses and disease. We all need to release ourselves from the stress which builds up in our bodies and boost our immune system. Doing this will allow us to stay strong and healthy and think clearly about lives and what is going on around us. We all have the ability to be our own remedy and I act as a catalyst for this.
Due the current global situation my sessions are now online. Invest in your mental and physical health by learning techniques which you can use in your daily life, release trapped and stagnant energy from your body and be filled with high vibrational energy which uplifts, empowers and enables healing.

Online sessions are being discounted for the next month to £60 per hour or a course of 10 for £500, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to relax your mind and body and get into shape physically and mentally whilst you are doing it! Contact Frankie on 07951274770 and

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