I Don’t Want To Talk About It!

When I speak to men on a one to one level and ask them if they suffer from stress 80 percent of the time they reply yes. If I ask a group of guys the answer is no! If I ask a man who is stressed if they have any addictive habits 90 percent of them say yes! So what is your escape? What do you do to combat your stress. What do you loose yourself in? Below are some of the things men tend use to deal with their stress:

Sex, masturbation, porn, BDSM, alcohol, drugs (illegal and legal), gambling, gaming, social media, dating apps, dating, women, work, sports.

We are all addicted to something, it is about finding a healthy balance and not acting purely on impulse.

Participating in some of the activities mentioned above for fun is fine, but using them to combat stress is a very dangerous game to play. I know, I did this from the age of 13. My chosen escapes from stress at this age was sex and weed. I had learnt these fantastic traits from my father. He was a sex addict and alcoholic.

So why is it men answer so differently to what seems like a simple question…. Do you get stressed? Why do you feel the need to keep up this pretence in front of your mates, colleagues or family that you aren’t stressed. That everything is fine and that you can cope with the constant increase of pressure that you are living with every day???

If you want to get honest with yourself and make a change drop me a message and lets start facing up to our issues and creating a happier life!

3 out 4 suicides are male and suicide is the biggest killer in men under the age of 49! The reason these statistics are so high is because men don’t talk about what is going on inside. They let everything build up inside or suppress it until they think it is to late. Together we can change this.

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