If you aren’t happy in your relationship do you really think your partner is?
Unhappy marriage

Are you fed up or bored with your relationship? Do you stay together because of the children, because of finances, because you are scared to be alone? Are you and your partner more like brother and sister than husband and wife? Are you happy with your relationship? If you aren’t happy do you really think your partner is? Our feelings are reflected within others and when you are in a partnership it is very rare that one person is happy when the other isn’t. We become fantastic at saying that everything is fine and that we are happy when really we are just lying. Lying to ourselves and our partner. Why would two people choose to live unhappy lives when there is something you can do about it.

Grow together or grow apart.

Are you happy with the relationship but you watch porn or pay for sex workers behind your partners back? Do you really think this is acceptable to yourself or her? Would you really be escaping in other women if you were happy in your relationship? Or can you not be happy in any relationship because you are not happy with yourself? These are areas that need to be addressed. Can you work on your partnership to get the spark back so that you are both living happy and

fulfilled lives or is it time to think about separating?

Grow together or grow apart.

These are all issues which can be discussed and overcome in my sessions. I help my clients grow by teaching them how to build a positive relationship first with themselves and then with their partners.

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