Low vibration energy of the sex industry

If you have read any of my blogs before you will know that I talk about energy alot! Its all around us and everything has its own frequency. Some things vibrate on a high frequency and others on a low frequency. High frequency energy is full of love and light and all things nice. Low frequency energy is full of negativity, pain and suffering. If we come into contact with someone that vibrates higher than us it will normally raise our own vibrations and vice versa when we come into contact with people who vibrate at a low frequency.

The sex industry is full of low vibration energy, it will suck you in and feed off your energy. It is just like a drug at first you get a high but it is short lived and you will find yourself chasing that high and going deeper into the dark world to try and scratch that itch. It will take your money, yourself respect and your soul!

Some men pay for sex workers, dominatrices or webcam girls because they are looking for a connection and has nothing to do with sex. Unfortunately the type of women they come into contact with are normally only interested in their money or using them for their own pleasure. Men are then engaging in toxic and fake relationships which effect their mental health and confidence.

Women who work in the sex industry have issues, don’t get me wrong we all have issues to overcome it is part of our path. Women that sell their bodies or use men for their sadistic nature vibrate very low and will pull you down when you come into contact with them. Oh sometimes you think that they are empowering you, just like sometimes they think they are empowered by choosing their profession. This is a trick the ego plays! The biggest trick the devil ever played was making him think he didn’t exist but he lives inside all of us, hes our ego! And the devils favourite place to play is the sex industry!

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