Francesca offered something different. I wasn't sure exactly what, but she sounded interesting, so I visited her; and I enjoyed an extra-ordinary and rather wonderful experience that left me buzzing for days.

David 80

If you've ever wanted more from life, visit this lady - she is an amazing bright spirit.

Simon 42

Thought I was okay beforehand, but completely surprised by how rejuvenating an experience an experience it proved to be.

Kevin 56

Sessions consists of seven main components. It is the alchemy between them plus a little bit of magic which makes them so powerful, acting as a catalyst for positive change andĀ  relieving you from stress.


  • Intuitive & Empathetic Life Coaching
  • Guided Meditation
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • Asanas (yoga positions)
  • Sound Bath
  • Energy ChannellingĀ 
  • Massage (back, legs, arms, neck & head)

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