The Devil’s Play Ground

The Devils Play Ground

(oh sorry I meant the sex industry)

18:33 So, if generally people are born good what happens to us so that we turn into selfish, egotistical, money driven, competitive peeps? Why do we end up being abused or abusing or both? Why do we end up addicted to social media, work, shopping, drugs, alcohol, sex etc. What the fuck happens to us? Oh yea life! It doesn’t seem right though we are born all sweet and innocent (well kind of because we bring our shadow from our previous lives with us) and then because of our life we end up arse holes or victims? (Not everyone falls into this category so my bad for generalising). Something is quite clearly wrong with the system we live in surely? We live in a society who are obsessed with the way they look, what car they drive and who has the best frigging bag. GET A FUCKING GRIP PEOPLE!!! Do you actually think any of these materials things matter??? I love everyone unconditionally but I don’t like everyone’s traits. I can see everyone’s issues and empathise with them but it doesn’t mean I want to be around them ( I am saying this after I said we all need to come together, lolz what can I say I still got issues I need to work on). Most of the world do not have a clue how to be authentic and true to themselves. I hope by me being true helps more peeps to find the strength to be true too.

Most animals live in herds pretty peacefully, rarely do they starve and they help each other. They work together as team, but us supposedly the most evolved species can’t manage that. Don’t figure? Did someone put something in our water?? I mean seriously we already know that fluoride calcifies the pineal gland. That in itself is pretty convenient in making sure that it is harder for us to use our third eye! But what is wrong with our system because if we are all basically good why are things getting really really bad.

I talk about energy a lot, we got the good energy full or unconditional love, healing, joy and abundance and then we got the bad energy full of darkness, pain, misery, suffering, anxiety etc. Now we need both the positive and the negative right but over the years the negative energy has become more dominant than the positive. Everything is out of balance. We only have to take a glance at the world to see this. The negative energy is controlling (fuck sake am I really going here?) our governments, systems and lives to a large extent. Most of the world is completely oblivious to this. That is because we have been programmed from the moment we have been born. I heard a really good analogy the other day. We sit in front of a TELL-A-VISION, we choose a CHANEL and then watch a PROGRAME. You see where I am going with this. This negative energy has got everywhere and it feeds of us! It keeps us trapped in the system and addicted to its


One of the negative energies most dangerous systems is the sex industry. I know if you are someone that works in the sex industry or uses it for whatever reason you are going to be pulling a face, shaking your head, clenching your jaw or maybe you aren’t even reading this now. So in which case I will carry on and not worrying about offending anyone else. I will stand in my truth! Because that all this is, my truth, my version of events, my reality!

I am not the only one that thinks this though……….

The sex industry is the devils play ground peeps and whether you are selling yourself, masturbating to porn, buying a vibrator, engaging in some so called tantric acts or paying for sexual services you are are feeding it. It is sucking you dry of your positive energy and attaching it’s darkness all around you. I want to make this clear now I don’t have a problem with sex, ffs I was a sex addict. I friggin love having sex. The right sex though and yes I do believe there is a wrong a right type.

23/11/20 12:22

A lot of people are going to completely disagree with what I am saying. I mean come on as if buying a vibrator is bad and as if it’s giving away your energy to the negative side. Well it is trust me! There is a war between light and dark, good and bad and we all must choose a side. By not choosing a side you have technically made a choice and you are feeding the darkness. Yes we have both light and dark within us and we need both to be here in this realm/dimension but the aim is to break through all the darkness and just be pure beings of light! Well that is my intention anyway cause I do not want to stay in this fucked up dimension!!

The sex industry has distorted our views on sex and every time we have sex in a non loving and sacred way we are giving away our energy to the dark side. Sex is the most beautiful and sacred act in the world. Through intercourse we can create life and we can also create a huge amount of spiritual energy which can be used for good. It can be healing for ourselves, partners and the world. We are meant to enjoy sex, it is an act of love! Sex is not an act of control, sex should not be used for escape, sex should not be used for selfish reasons and there should never ever ever be any money involved in anyway when it comes to sex nor should it involve pain. I feel the need to add that all these women that get with a guy just cause he has money and buys them nice things and “takes care of them” you are still selling your soul to the devil! You are no better than a sex worker and you are creating a lot of bad karma for yourself.

There is a reason why Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is linked to sexual abuse, several scientific studies has proven this. When our wombs take on board sexual energy which has not come from a loving pure source it reflects in gynaecological problems. I have not met a woman yet who has been sexually abused or worked in the sex industry who doesn’t have some type of issue with their womb, ovaries, hormones or periods etc. I am aware that I am an extreme case but sacrificing my womb, cervix and ovaries and having a hysterectomy was one of the best things I could have done. It allowed me to get rid of a lot of the dark energy from my system. Now equipped with the knowledge I have, I may not have made that drastic decision. I now know I could have done energy work on my body to heal but we live and learn and I needed that operation so I would wake the fuck up to what life is really all about. And it definitely isn’t about money, flash cars, holidays, Botox and whipping men!

The sex industry sees men and women being degraded, mainly women. It is quite normal to see women being chocked on a man’s cock or being abused in porn. Do you really think any of this is positive in anyway? Is that what we want our children to grow up and see. So many kids learn about sex from porn! I swear I am going to educate Pancho so that he knows what respect is and how he should treat a woman and how he should be treated. We are all either submissive or dominant to some extent but there is a level to what is acceptable. The way we see this portrayed in the sex industry is not!

There is a theory that many many years ago a curse was put on the female healers (witches), priests, truth seekers and teachers which would prevent them from being able to help mankind and the earth. The curse was to keep them enslaved and stop them from being able to use their abilities for good. This curse was put on these women by men who used magic and rituals to create hierarchical, organised systems and religion lets think Freemasons and the Illuminati! Women who can use their sexual energy for healing or good was a very big threat to these men. The men realised that they could not control these women when they worked as healers etc however they could if the women were prostitutes. The curse was placed on these women to make them prostitutes and the women were rewarded if they used their sexual energy to control, seduce or pleasure men. I know I sound deluded but if you would like to learn more about this concept please read ‘Emotional Healing in the Energy Body’ by Robert Henderson specifically Chapter 4 sexual and karmic energy pg 146.

Prostitution has been around for 1000’s of years and we all know the story of Adam and Eve. They were warned by God not to eat from the tree of knowledge (good and evil) and only eat from the tree of life. Along came Satan depicted as a snake, fucked Eve and then got inside her head (yes I know it doesn’t state that in the bible but read between the friggin lines peeps). She ate from the tree of knowledge and in turn fed Adam. This then allowed Satan to come down into our world and infiltrate and tarnish everything that has happened since. Hence the sex industry being the work of Satan and feeding that negative energy! There many versions and interpretations of this story. I have studied some parts of the Kabbalah /The Zohar which is Jewish mysticism based on the first testament of the bible. Learning about the energy of Hebrew Letters is a fantastic book by Rav Berg which gives people a deep understanding about the creation of earth. Another fantastic book is called The Autobiography of Satan by Yehuda Burg which explains how Satan is actually are ego. If you do enough of your own research you will be able to come to your own conclusion on all of these matters. Everything I say can be backed up by other sources. It was never my intention to discuss all these theories but there we go!

I am not a believer in religion by any means and I am well aware that the bible is full of stories which have been taken from other sources. Some though is truth and other parts are great metaphors and prophesies for what is going on in Earth. A long long time before the bible a dark ruler took over earth and this dark ruler and its disciples feeds off our pain and trauma. I believe this dark energy which has been controlling most of us for a very long time (I am 100 percent not going into more detail about this energy. If you want to find out more please investigate). We are now at war and the light is fighting back. The new age of Aquarius is upon us and beings of light will eventually take over the world and all this darkness can do 1!

Right so now that you think I have completely lost my mind and living in a psychotic episode. Let’s get back to my story of how I became a sex worker. Not only did I have my trauma and addictions as the reason behind it I also had fucking curse put on me (shoulder shrug emoji & laughing face emoji). Or maybe not just yet seems I got too many issues in present day to sort out before I can go back.

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