The Ripple Effect

(would love a ripple now or some raspberry ripple ice cream)

20/11/20 17:30

What if we are all connected energetically and it only takes 12 people to change the course of the whole world but there are a potential 144,000 which can aid in this transformation. (This is not a new concept and comes from the book of Revelations in the Bible). Crazy hey? What if its not so crazy? What if these 12 peoples job is to heal themselves and by doing that they enable the rest of the 144,000 to heal and that in turn allows everyone else in the world to heal?

Now lets forget those figures and the bible and what if we were to consider that it only takes 1 percent of the population to heal. The energy travelling from one person to another, raising vibrations and acting as a catalyst for healing. The world would become full of love not hate, peace not war, generosity not famine, gratitude not selfishness. I know it sounds crazy but even if it was just a dream it’s a nice one isn’t it? Scientists have proven how thoughts can travel from one person to another. Telepathy is a real thing. Scientists have also proven how emotions can travel from one person to another. They travel energetically and also in our DNA. Please see details of an experiment which monitored DNA and the effect of emotions on it when at a different location to the host. ( I have just looked in my phone for the screen shots of the experiment its 18:11 and the screenshots were also taken on Feb 4th 2018 at 18:11!!. God I fucking love synchronicity. I have no idea what book I found this in but I guarantee it is going to make you think twice about who you have sex with.) So basically if you kiss someone, have sex or oral sex and exchange bodily fluids you are then taking that persons DNA into your body. You then feel what the other person feels. You create an energetic bond with that person and can either take on their positive or negative energy. I believe we are all connected and I am continued to be amazed at the ripple effect I am seeing in front of my eyes. Energy isn’t just exchanged by sexual contact though it is happening all around us all the time. Every time we interact with someone or even think about that person we are exchanging energy. I feel sorry for all the famous people who have millions of people thinking about them. No wonder they feel so much pressure! They can be hated or loved by thousands.

Annabelle a friend of mine sent me a voice message last night at 03:43, she was in shock but her tone and words which were coming out her mouth were sounding so familiar. She was going through what I had done a few weeks before when I had the massive realisation about what my father had done to me at 14 and how it all linked to my addiction to class A drugs. As I released the trauma I felt instantly lighter and all the pain I had been holding in my body was realised. Annabelle had been suffering with bad headaches for months and in the mornings she would cough up black tar. That day the headaches and the black tar vanished! She had healed and released her trauma just as I did. Millions of people are healing and the ripple effect has begun. Today is a big day energetically in numerology 20/11/20 = 1122. A huge energetic shift happened in the early hours of the morning and I can see everything coming together just as it should.

21/11/20 18:08

We are all connected, by blood, karma, the air around us, energy, thoughts, genes, emotions, bodily fluid, relationships, eye contact, hand shakes, hugs (although most of the population are too friggin scared to now, cause of the virus I shall not name). Lets all start acting like we are connected instead of being separate. The divide between people continues to grow instead of working together to help each other and the earth.

What if all of us have the ability to heal the world if we work together. That sounds more realistic right? We are all the same and no one is better than anyone else and if all of us worked together then of course we could heal the world. If we all shared our knowledge and gifts and forgot about money no one would ever go with out. Why isn’t that possible? It has been established that people are generally good (Maslow’s Humanistic theory) so why can’t we all be good and work together as a team?

18:22 I had to take a step away from the computer as I realised where I was going with all of this.

19:06 I keep getting distracted, my ego does NOT want me to go there. When I write I don’t actually have control over what is going to come out. I know I am writing about my life so obviously I know the content (well the parts I remember) but it is my soul which chooses what goes down on paper NOT my ego. ARRRGGHHHHH this is bad………… I mean to be honest compared to some of stuff I am going to tell you won’t actually think this is bad. Crazy HELL YES!!! But you have most probably already made your mind up about the state of my mental health and how much of this is fact or fiction. The word fantasist could probably be attached to what I think and that is ok. Call it what you want or don’t even bother reading it. Skip to the next chapter…….. Go on that is probably the best thing to do right now. FUCK I CAN’T WATCH (monkey face emoji x 5). I could so leave all this stuff out of the book you know. I got enough content without adding all my philosophies too FML.

Here goes……….. (God please have my back on this)

Sorry still procrastinating………

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