About me

My name is Francesca and I am pretty unique just like you.

My aim is to relieve you of your stress by creating a safe space for you to open up to your emotions and transform your life. My own journey has seen me transition beyond belief and I know that I am meant to share what I have learnt, to help others find their way out of the dark.

When I first started this business it was aimed purely at men who used the sex industry. I saw how men combated stress by either watching porn and masturbating, or paying for sex or domination services. These tendencies often become addictive and I know from my experiences how harmful this can be. However once I started doing some market research I soon established that 90 percent of the men that I spoke to were stressed and 95% of these men had addictive tendencies. It became very apparent that there was a much wider call for what I was offering, so opened it up to all men and Mind Body Men began.

I have always worked in a predominately male environment.  Be it in the corporate world with CEO’s and directors, to working in the motor industry.  I intuitively understand the male psyche and men have always found it easy to open up to me. I have seen how men deal or don’t deal with stress. I am determined to make a difference and help men find a healthy solution to their issues.

After my spiritual awakening and walking away from everything I knew I spent several years healing, studying and training. I am a qualified yoga teacher, reiki practitioner and masseuse and work with energy, sound, movement and breath to raise my clients vibrations.

I am very passionate about what I do and love seeing the difference my sessions make to my clients. Helping people release issues which have been holding them back is so rewarding, I know I have found my calling.

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